About as deep as a puddle (drunkenatheist) wrote in fem_activism,
About as deep as a puddle

Donation drive for CounterCrisisNW

Wonderful organization and totally not scammers. Please donate whatever you can spare, even if it's only $5. Oh yeah, and please crosspost the crap outta this. :P

And I should mention that I have absolutely no affiliation with CounterCrisisNW. The below text is from another community. I am simply passing the message along.

Hi, all. It's that time again - we at CounterCrisisNorthwest have just recieved a phone call from Lovejoy Surgical Center in Portland requesting funds for a 17 year old girl from California who is 20 weeks pregnant and is pregnant as a result of a rape.

Although our holiday fundraising was successful, we've still been having money go out to the abortion centers almost as fast as it's coming in. The young woman in this case is about $425 short of the needed funds for her abortion and we only have just over $100 in the fund. If any of you can help out in any amount, it would be incredibly appreciated both by the fund and by this young woman.

Do you have someone with a birthday or a holiday need soon? You can also buy gift donations in the name of another person and we will e-mail you the personalized and printable PDF Gift Certificate.
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